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Hi everyone,

this topic is meant for everyone who likes to make maps for Urban Terror. You don't have to register to participate, allthough we prefer to see you online with your name so we can contact you in the future. You can choose your own mapping program and version, as long the map will be playable for Urban Terror 4.2

The challenge for this first edition will be:

-import the following map:


-finish it, while keeping all the current brushes intact. You can add details to it and build some elements and put models on it, but you may not edit, move or scale those surfaces (exept from giving them textures). The walls have to stay walls and the floors have to stay floors.

Some remarks:

You can choose your own basic gametype, but make sure it supports CTF, TDM, TS and FFA.

Keep maximum filesize of the pk3 under 10mb.

If you know how, please add bot support.

If you know how to reduce max-tris, please keep it under 30k.

If you're interested in participating please make a reply in this topic. When we have enough contesters we will set a date to be the deadline.

- As a winner you will be rewarded by honour and putting your map on one of our servers -

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